(Coffee table) Book Envy

A few Christmases ago, I requested a coffee table book. Except I forgot to actually provide recommendations. So I ended up with a jumbo Alice in Wonderland book. Sweet but not exactly what I was going for in my grown up lady house. (I wish I had a picture but it got “lost” on the move out here.)

This Christmas, I put coffee table books back on my wish list except this time, I was specific. And success! Take a gander:


I’ve followed Remodelista for a while now, captivated by its divine simplicity (If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice I’m a avid Remodelista repinner). Vogue, of course, is a classic addition that will never go out of style and I particularly love the fashion history lesson in its pages. I decided to top  off my little table arrangement with one of West Elm’s Rocking Birds.

In the next few months, I have my eye on The Wes Anderson Collection and the beautifully documented Dignity .

What coffee table books are you envying right now?


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