Did you Say Modernica Factory Sale?

I’m pausing my clean eating lunch posts for a special announcement. Modernica is hosting its yearly factory sale in a mere  3 weeks and it’s a definite cause for excitement.

If you’re unfamiliar with Modernica (and I was until I moved to California), they are a modern furniture mecca that’s known for their  factory, where they continue to produce the Case Study Fiberglass Shell Chairs. These chairs (which I drool over) were originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Modernica uses the same process to produce them as Eames did and it’s incredible to watch.

photo 1 (1)

One of our finds were these Case Study chairs in Apple. They do their best to brighten up my teeny tiny dining spot.

Last May, Thor and I road tripped it down to LA, stood in line in the wee morning hours and came away from the factory sale quite successful.

photo 3 (1)

Another find was this Case Study rocker in Terracatta. It currently sits in a snug little corner of my living room.

This year, we are once again planning on hitting the road and battling traffic to snag a few more gems. I plan on posting a recap of what will hopefully be successful trip part deux, so be sure to check back!

photo (2)

I think this was my favorite find. I wasn’t looking for it but it’s a perfect fit for the corner of my kitchen.

Are you as in love with Modernica as I am? What are some of your favorite pieces?


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