June Finds: 5 Outdoor Pieces Under $25

Are you melting right now from the heat? San Francisco’s summer is officially crazy and the weather is back up to the 80’s. I realize that in my former homes of Austin and Oman, 80 degrees is called fall. Still, here warm weather makes people a little nuts. Guys walk down the street shirtless wearing cargo shorts. Girls fish out their sundresses usually only worn once a year…and everyone melts at night because no one has an AC.

The weather has inspired me to think about how I would decorate an outdoor space if I had one (porch, rooftop, veranda…I’m not picky). So I present to you my 5 favorite décor pieces for an outdoor space, all under $25.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 5.46.52 PM

(1. Chevron Glassware, 4 for $19.99, West Elm 2.Stackable Eco Cube, $25.00, eGardenStudio 3.Vintage Chimes, $20.00, Anthropologie 4. Trinton Hurricane, $14.00, Adlea 5.Lacquer Tray, $24.00, West Elm)

I will happily come and join you in your outdoor retreat (I’ll bring sangria).


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