Let’s Talk Local and SixDoors Scrumptiousness

The thing about living in the world’s tech hub is that common tasks have gotten a lot easier thanks to ingenuity. Case in point—Good Eggs. I have mentioned this service before but it’s an incredibly easy way to buy local, organic produce, meat and dairy and have it delivered to your doorstep.  Or TaskRabbit, an app that allows you to find people to help with an errand. (The Engineer even used Taskrabbit to help with logistics the day he popped the question). It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that.

When it comes to gift giving there is (thank you Lawd) an app for that. It’s called SixDoors and it allows you to find goods from local vendors. Even better, many of the goods they feature have same day delivery for San Francisco.

I love that they offer a carefully curated cornucopia of delightfulness—from jewelry to clothes to some yummy noshes. So without further ado, I would love to share a few of my current favorite gift ideas from SixDoors.

  •  For your quirky friend with on-point taste

You probably didn’t realize you needed a paper mache bull head until you saw this. Now you know you need it.

*A&G Merch, $269

  • For brunch with the girls

I’m not very good at knowing which cheeses should be paired together. I just know that I really love cheese. This gift is perfect because you know you’re getting great (local) cheeses that compliment one another.

* La Fromagerie, $30

  • For your intimidating coworker’s dinner party

Perfect for summer and perfect for your hard to impress coworker.

*OliveThis OliveThat Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, $17.99

  • For your man friend

Nothing says “I know you’re a man and capable of building/fixing things” like this toolkit that comes in a canvas roll. I’m betting it’ll make him feel like the early 20th century mountain man he always wanted to be.

* A&G Merch Toolkit, $59

  • For your mom friend

Because tantrums are a daily part of her life.

* Tantrum Tote, $16

  • For your BFF

If your BFF lives in San Francisco, chances are she wears a scarf 300 days out of the year, so why not gift this beautiful raw silk number?

* The Workshop Residence Scarf, $180

  • For you!

Up your cocktail ring game with this lovely accessory. You deserve it!

* Ruby, $70


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