Valencia Street and other San Francisco Oddities

San Francisco is full of quirky streets, nooks and crannies filled with delicious oddities. One of my favorite streets is Valencia, partly because it’s a mere few steps from my front door but mostly because it houses some of my favorite shops.

I’ve shared  how I’m a big supporter of buying local and thanks to companies like Six Doors, it’s really easy. Still, there’s something wonderful about taking a stroll down a colorful street, dipping in and out of shops, finding inspiration in window displays and fanciful corners.

As I strolled down Valencia last weekend, I snapped a few pictures of my favorite shops and their goods that I’m currently drooling over. Perhaps it will inspire you like it did me.

Acia Sign

One of my favorite stores, Acacia, has small bits that make great gifts and a lovely line of linens.

Acia table

An example of their dynamic table arrangements. It’s simple, uncluttered, fresh.

Acia Rugs

Love their rugs!











Paxton Gate is a San Francisco institution and for good reason.

Paxton flowers

They have tons of quirky treasures (like stuffed gerbils dressed in Victorian clothing) but are known for their many botanical-related goods. Are you drooling over this table display?

Paxton soaps

They also carry some of my favorite soaps. (I wish you could smell these through your screen)













Ah, Aldea. How I love you.

adela bedroom

Their mixture of classic, retro and bohemian is PERFECT.

adlea home

For example, this display. I’m using this as inspiration for a current living room project.











betabrand sign

I did want to mention one clothing store. Betabrand, a crowdsourced clothing company, is in a league of its own.


You get to pose with this fishman and his grill. Obviously Betabrand is where you need to buy all your pants.

betabrand pants

Maybe you need Virgin Mary pants. (YES you do)










So how about it? Are you inspired to take a stroll down the quirky streets in your neighborhood?
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