August Finds: 5 Under $25

Obviously it’s almost September. Which means….my intentions of getting out this post during the first week of August obviously failed. In my defense, August  lasted about 30 minutes. I blinked and it’s suddenly almost Labor Day. (Tell me you feel the same way.)

Anywho, I am so ready for fall. The most lovely of seasons is really a tights & scarf lover’s time to shine.  Granted, I wear scarfs and tights pretty much year round in San Francisco but even though it doesn’t really make this seasonal transition known in the way of weather (or foliage), I still get excited at putting summer behind me.

So in honor of the quickly approaching fall season, my top 5 finds are items that will transition with you into the upcoming cozy days. Two of the items are currently on sale at $10 (snap them up!) and one of the items is just the loveliest cookbook from SixDoors, one of my favorite places for finding local treasures. I thought it was perfect for baking with your kiddo this fall. Enjoy!


1. Anthropologie, $18; 2. Six Doors, $19; 3. Target, $19; 4. West Elm, $10; 5. Anthropologie, $10


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