What if we put Gatsby in the Bayou? (Wedding Planning Part One)

I am, in many ways, embarrassingly girly. Not in the “I love pink and heart Valentine’s Day” way. But definitely in the “Of course I’ve been planning my wedding since I was 5 years old” way.

Seriously, I’ve had this thing planned out. My mama has a wedding program that I drew up at the tender age of 7. Apparently the venue was going to take place in “London, the countryside.” I would come down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary, naturally.

As far as tastes go, luckily mine have evolved a bit since 1989.


Older sister’s 80’s prom dress made a nice wedding ensemble.

Even so, when I became engaged a few months ago, I pretty much threw any “pre-planning” (like my secret Pinterest board) out the window. I realized that while I knew what I wanted the wedding to “feel” like, I didn’t really know how to translate that into reality. The feeling I wanted was of a formal, gracious Southern party- say if you dropped Gatsby into the bayou.

That’s where my dear friend Alee comes into play as an incredible wedding stylist (and if you’re not sure why you need a wedding stylist, check out my interview with her discussing the challenges of DIY weddings). Her role is to work with my wedding planners (who serve as the purely logistical arm) to bring this vision to life.

First up, the venue. I spent a long, long time looking for the right venue and when I found it, I knew…it was the one.

opera house

The Marigny Opera House in New Orleans

The building is crumbling, a hundred years of history within its walls. It’s hauntingly beautiful. Once we had the venue, Alee created a vision board to keep us on track.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.31.03 PM

Alee’s vision board, which we’re sticking pretty close to.

We had a few of these elements already chosen ( like the Reformation dress, pictured above left, for the bridesmaid’s dresses).

When it came to the paper- save the dates, invitations, place cards and menus- we chose to have a vintage, Southern feel. (There can be a thin line between vintage and rustic, so we’re erring on the side of purely vintage.)

We went with Lucky Luxe, a lovely boutique paper company out of Mississippi, for the save the dates and while we’re still looking for the right vendor for the invitations, we’re using their handkerchief line as the inspiration.

More to come as we move (really quickly…) towards April. In the meantime, here’s to everyone planning a wedding and trying not to lose their mind. I’m lifting my glass to you gals!


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